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Enjoy a heated pool, all year long.

Our high effiiency electric heat pumps operate at a fraction of the monthly cost of running older conventional gas and electric heaters, and run so quietly, you won't even know it's there. More About High Efficiency Pool Heat Pumps

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Solar Hot Water. Let's lower your electric bill by up to 25%.

We install your system, and the sun's power heats your water for free, even during a power outage. As long as there's sun, your hot water is free. More About Solar Hot Water

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Solar Pool Heating. Let the sun heat your pool for free.

Extend your swim season to 10 months a year with a solar heated pool. In sunny South Florida, solar pool heating is the most economical way to heat your pool. More About Solar Pool Heating

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PV, photovoltaic solar electric. The ultimate in green energy.

Reduce or eliminate your electric bill, grid-tie or off grid. We offer the newest technology, Tesla's Powerwall battery back-up systems, coming out in 2016. More About PV Solar Electric

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I'm Jeff Johnston, owner of Zina Sunshine.

My customers know they can depend on me for the right equipment, at a competitive price. I'll personally install your equipment with my team, professionally, and on time. More About Us

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